How Mahindra e2o plus electric car  is cost-effective

Save more when you drive the all-electric e2oPlus

Low Running Cost

At just 80p/km, e2oPlus beats almost all other cars on running costs.**The cost of 80p/km is calculated with these figures: 16.5 units of electricity consumed @ Rs.6/unit, at a range of 140 km for P6 variant.


Save On Taxes

Self Employed and Businesses enjoy (40%) accelerated depreciation benefits — tax savings of up to Rs. 2.14 lakhs in the first year itself.


Low Cost of Maintenance

Zero-combustion model means fewer moving parts. That means less chances of parts failing. And lesser cost of maintenance of your vehicle.


Government Incentives

The Government too believes that an all-electric, zero emission car tomorrow’s movement towards better mobility solutions. It rewards you with a wide range of tax exemptions and benefits when you buy the The Mahindra electric e2o Plus car.


More Offers

The Mahindra electric e2o Plus car also has many lucrative offers that make it the best choice to be your next mobility gadget. Click here to know the offers and prices in your city.